About Kate Goldman

Kate Goldman grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, during a time of great change towards urbanization in the city.  She was inspired by the sights and sounds of the deep south, and as a youth developed a passion for art in all its forms.

As a child. Kate would paint paintings to gift her mother for holidays. These were her mother's most favorite gifts. Since her mother's passing. Kate often paints scenes of her most precious memories spending time with her mother. Fishing on the rocks under the bridge on the river. Sitting on their most favorite park bench feeding the birds. Smiling as the birds quarrel over the sliced bread. Walking along the marsh gathering crawdads for supper. Nothing in life could be more precious than those memories.

Still to this current day painting is Kate's greatest gift. Her best friend may no longer be here. However Kate still feels very connected to her mother...through painting. Every winter, Kate dedicates several of her paintings to her mother. Gifting her mother her works of art. Just as she did as a child. Kate's mother may no longer be here...however she's still receiving her very special gifts on canvas. Just as she always had many many years ago.