About Kate Goldman

Kate Goldman, an American artist, was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her ability to paint was very evident at age six. Growing up in an environment that was dangerous and impoverished, painting was her great escape. Kate's best friend (her mother Catherine) reinforced and encouraged new pieces daily. This was her way of keeping her daughter distracted and out of all the chaos. 

Since her passing, Kate's mother is still her biggest inspiration. Kate often dreams of moments shared with her mother. She tries very diligently to capture those moments onto canvas. The parks they went to, a bench they sat on, the creeks they fished at...etc.


As a child, oil painting kept Kate safe from violence in the ghetto. TODAY, however, it is how she keeps her mother's memory alive. Kate's use of light, represents the strong presence of her mother. Kate's use of bright colors is a suggestion that her mother is smiling. Kate knows that she will always be with her mother, every single day, as long as she just keeps painting...